Oh hey there!  Repost this BrBa grab bag offer and I’ll pick two random winners on Sunday 8/10/14 who will each receive a free grab bag!  (US addresses only)


I just came across a rather large stash of Breaking Bad prints and a small assortment of BrBa related randomness left over from last year’s wrap party and the watch parties. If you guys are still interested, let’s start up the grab bag offer again until I run out. You will receive much more than…



Hello my dear followers. I have very important news to announce.

First of all, sometime in the next 24 hours I will remove the Breaking Bad posters from Society6 and Redbubble and I will also remove the links from Posterology. This will happen because I was approached by Sony Entertainment in…

So sad to see these go for now, BUT…if Zsutti and Sony can work it out, these amazing works will find their way to a larger Breaking Bad audience…WIN-WIN for all!!!




Breaking Bad Giveaway!

I printed a whoooole bunch of big, fun stuff for the series wrap party last March.  The prize for this contest is the big tighty whitey Walter White print you see in the photos above.  It’s approximately 3ft wide x 7ft tall and is the actual print that the stars posed with at the event, it’s not a reproduction.  The stand isn’t included, sorry.  Neither is Aaron Paul.  I just threw that photo in here because he’s darn cute and it will make a nice addition to your blog.

Please read these rules carefully:

Please reblog this post and follow me to qualify.  Your name will be entered for each and every reblog.  AND!  Since I love Skyler and she is constantly getting shit on, say something nice about Anna Gunn or Skyler White in your reblog.  I’ll be checking!  You will only qualify if you do all three of these things.  Free shipping in the US only.  If you are in Canada and don’t mind paying the shipping charges, please enter!

Drawing will be one week from today:  Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 at 7p Mountain Time


Update: I’ve gotten a couple asks about whether a follower can win this contest if they were a winner in the last one.  My answer is heck yes.

Not many notes happening, thought I’d give it a boost.  ;)

Skyler bore the burden of being “Mrs. Heisenberg” with grace, because she was SO strong and because she loved her kids. As much as I love Walt, Skyler deserved my RESPECT, because she bore the load, well after Walt checked out. Walt Jr. and Holly needed a strong guiding hand, and Skyler loved her kids so much she got whatever job she could get, and put up with being a taxi dispatcher to keep a roof over their heads. My Mom did much the same when my parents were divorced and we lived in punlic housing.